Friday, December 5, 2008

More info about the Hospitality Improvement Zone which is designed to help downtown hotels and businesses.

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Janet Rudd said...

This is a wonderful Project.
A block over The Four Points by Sheraton has new owners and their own money for a 5 million dollar renovation.

However the original building plans and the "As Is plans have disappeared from City hall leaving the new owners to find an old contractor who graciously accepts the challenge to REMEASURE each square of space. The contractor is measuring snails pace.... and he happens to BE the original builder of the Continental Regency in the 60s. Wonder why the Civic Center authority has concerns about the new ownership?
They are INDIANS!
And these Indians are going to EAT YOUR LUNCH!

So Let's level the playing field. Maybe YOU can help find those as is building plans to 500 Hamilton Blvd Peoria.